Big Data & Analytics

Analytics for smarter business decisions

We leverage the top data management platforms and complex analytical algorithms to make accurate business insights.

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Our clients improve their business strategies from the data we collect

We'll create a data analytic platform to retrieve valuable information from multiple data sources in your business. Real-time internal and external user data is analyzed to make smarter decisions for the future. Privacy concerns are addressed by our team and proper security measures are implemented to keep your data secure.

We collect and analyze the following types of data:


    • User data
    • Transactional data
    • Web data
    • Sensor data

Monetize your data by building an analytics-driven enterprise with GMS


Big Data

GMS offers Big Data Engineering services which enable organizations to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas. Our Big Data Engineering capabilities helps in making smarter decisions.


Enterprise Taxonomy

GMS taxonomy and ontology management solution combine the capabilities of taxonomy driven products and expert solution services. Such solution creates an integrated environment where products can be combined with your systems to offer the greatest value to your business.


Master Data Management

We combine your organization’s information management along with your core operational systems. Our MDM solution helps the client in reducing their time-to-market, improving customer experience, boosting control and flexibility.


Business Intelligence

Our BI consulting services are instrumental that facilitate the execution of the right business solution at various stage of the business life cycle. GMS BI solutions come with technology-agnostic capabilities, therefore allowing 100% compatibility across applications.


Advanced Analytics

GMS delivers enterprise-scale advanced analytics solutions which help in data monetization and infrastructure investments. We help companies in accelerating their advanced analytics capabilities.

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