AI & Machine Learning

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Scientific solutions, not just algorithms

At GMS, we work on creating Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to derive data-driven decisions at a speed demanded by your business. In the advent of multi-dimensional problems, we advocate that machine learning & predictive analytics can play a significant role by identifying latent structures in data, revealing new insights, making accurate predictions from data, and contextualizing meaningful information contained in big data.

Customized ML Algorithms for specific business problems (In addition to the use of existing modern techniques) therefore, creating proprietary driven solutions and a unique value proposition for clients.

AWS/Azure/Custom“Data Pipeline Development” for pre-processing of data for algorithms.

Plug and Play API(s) to integrate home-grown ML & AI solutions.


Machine learning at your fingertips

GMS has several machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions specific to your needs.


Full-grown Solutions

Anomaly Detection, Fraud Detection & Risk Engineering

Putting years of experience in developing core ML products for these niche areas, we offer plug & play API(s) to Integrate these models into your business domain so that you can start getting insights in 7-8 weeks.


ML & AI Data Pipeline


Real-time data analytics, data storage, stitching of data from multiple data sources, pre-processing of huge datasets, creating standard & consumable data models, data cleaning, data harmonization &transformation etc.


Applied ML & AI


Making use of available modern techniques i.e. TensorFlow, Reinforcement Learning, Supervised & Unsupervised Algorithms,Multi-Dimensionality Reduction, Network Flow Analysis, Neural Networks,Time Series Modelling, and Forecasting Models to create applied solutions.


Custom Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Based “Proprietary” Solutions


Creating first time built “Proprietary” algorithms for specific business problems.


Natural Language Processing & Text Analytics


Making use of Text Analytics technologies i.e.Stanford NLP, Datumbox, TensorFlow, and Keras to create NLP based solutions.


Transforming Data into Insights


Real Time Data Rendering, Graphical Representation of KPI(s) & Business Metrics of various functions, key business Insights using Visualization techniques.

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