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     GMS has the expertise in deploying various IT and Telecom technologies using variety of vendor equipments such as Lucent, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Ericsson, CISCO and more. GMS technicians have many years of experience in configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of devices to achieve high productivity and benefits.

LTE Implementation

GMS has been successfully helping telecom giants to deploy LTE in the Illinois / Wisconsin market, Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the next major step in the communication world.

LTE Features

  • High data rates!
    Downlink: > 100 Mbps
    Uplink: > 50 Mbps
  • Low delay/latency!
    Round Trip Delay: < 10 ms
  • High spectral efficiency!
    Targeting 3 X HSPA Rel. 6
  • High Performance Broadcast services (e.g. gaming, IPTV)!
  • Cost-effective network design!

How are we involved in LTE?

Implementation and deployment
Alcatel Lucent Service Aggregation Router 7705 is the seed for deployment of the 4th Generation (4G) LTE network. GMS has a talented team of Data Engineers and Technicians who have carried out several on-site installations of ALU SAR 7705 for LTE, uploading the BOF file and establishing connectivity of the Remote Cell Site with the client's HQ/MTSO. The installation involves complete rack mounting of SAR 7705 and checking connectivity to HQ via extended Ping Tests. Once the configuration file has been uploaded, the GMS tech team can check the SAR 7705 STATUS using proper command line verification commands and also perform FAILOVER TESTING using the CLI.

LTE eNodeB Integration
GMS tech team has good understanding of basic eNodeB Installation and configuration in order to Provision LTE integration at cell tower. Our team can complete the setup process by preparing the required configuration file, uploading it to the ALU SAR 7705 and establish the eNodeB connectivity.

Flow of Connectivity for LTE Site Integration
Flow Chart LTE Connectivity

Cell Site/MSC - Operational Support and Maintenance

GMS has been working on cell sites and MSC for last 8 years and understand the systems very well. Our niche area of operation is system integration and maintenance. We understand the company's network and integrate the technologies into the existing network infrastructure.

GMS has the expertise in deployment of the various technologies of MSC using various vendors' equipments like Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Nortel Networks, CISCO system etc. Configuration, monitoring and maintenance of all such devices is very important factor in order to achieve high productivity and benefits.

GMS field services are planned to take care of on-site support for operational and maintenance services. Our field support engineers are available as needed, scheduled, or on a full-time basis to meet your specific needs and maintenance strategy. Our team of highly qualified and certified Engineers is always ready to respond to on-site service needs in order to assure the network for maximum up time.

With our maintenance services, you can obtain field support engineers to assist your maintenance staff with preventive and reactive tasks. We conduct field services in a highly professional manner by doing this exercise monthly for all the cell sites and having a checklist to ensure that all equipments installed are running smoothly and undertaking maintenance if any.

GMS offers various services at the cell sites and MSC as part of their field services

  • Clearly defined and documented design including assignments for Equipment Frame/Cabinet.
  • Detailed floor plan and Site survey
  • Detailed inventory recording at cell sites for various equipments
  • All Site-specific information needed to provision circuits.
  • Installation of cabling necessary for Network Connectivity (i.e. Router; data; DS1, DS3 and fiber connectivity).
  • Cable racking requirements.
  • Perform In-process and post installation audits
  • On Site Support and Maintenance
  • Structured cabling
  • Rack-mounting equipments
  • On-site configuration and testing
  • 24 Hours on call support and troubleshooting

Transport Engineering

Rapid network growth combined with constant market launches has generally led to certain transport routing and utilization inefficiencies in wireless operators' networks. Furthermore, a lack of coordination between network planning departments and billing departments and the poor maintenance of circuit inventories have resulted in billing discrepancies and excessive charges. These transport inefficiencies and billing discrepancies can substantially inflate the cost of network operations. In order to reduce expense, GMS offers to investigate opportunities to lower Telco charges, focusing on the reconciliation of network and billing records.

GMS has provided transport network optimization services for several wireless operators. In their experiences, GMS engineers have identified opportunities and achieved significant cost savings through practical network engineering and billing strategies.

GMS outlines a process to collect, organize, and validate network circuit data and to identify opportunities to reduce transport network expenses through the reconciliation of the network data with the billing records.

With our maintenance services, you can obtain field support engineers to assist your maintenance staff with preventive and reactive tasks. We conduct field services in a highly professional manner by doing this exercise monthly for all the cell sites and having a checklist to ensure that all equipments installed are running smoothly and undertaking maintenance if any.

  • Gather, validate, and organize transport network and Telco billing data.
  • Identify discrepancies between transport network records and Telco billing records.
  • Ring Validation and Disconnects ( OC - 192 , OC - 48 , OC - 12 , OC - 3 )
  • Identify opportunities to reduce operating expenses through alternative transport strategies or contact negotiation.
  • Based on analysis create and place ASRs with appropriate LEC for T1/ T3 & OC Validation & Disconnection or re-home to alternate facilities/ locations.
  • Recommend and implementation plan or strategy to realize the prospective savings.

GMS has resources who can perform and understand

  1. Familiar with ordering process for these Telcos
    • ATT
    • Verizon
    • McLoed
    • Wiltel
  2. Working experience on Tools and Software:
    • Remedy Ticketing system
    • Vision
    • Granite/Xng

System Network Integration :

GMS has expertise in radio network dimensioning, planning of the coverage, capacity, and frequency allocation and interference analysis. We also help in detailed planning, parameter changes with necessary field measurement.

RF Cell Planning

  • Initial dimensioning of the radio network
  • CW Propagation model tuning
  • Candidate identification & nominal planning
  • Technical site surveys

Capacity Planning

  • Coverage and capacity planning and analysis
  • Addition of new cell sites
  • Upgrade of existing cell sites
  • Signaling/SDCCH dimensioning
  • Additional spectrum use
  • Traffic Management

Frequency Planning

  • Static frequency allocation
  • Frequency hopping (RF hopping or Baseband hopping)
  • Frequency and neighbors planning
  • Hierarchical Cell structure

RF Optimization

GMS provides services in mobile network for commercial success. Below are the areas in RF Optimization which GMS can serve:

  • Parameter Configuration Check (OMC Audit)
  • Traffic and throughput analysis
  • Parameter planning and optimization
  • Dropped call analysis
  • Handover success analysis
  • Drive test analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Field measurements and acceptance testing
  • Frequency & Strategy Planning
  • Top N Site Targeting

Drive Testing and Benchmarking

Voice and Data Optimization: we use all available sources of data to optimize and manage wireless networks.

Some of the data sources are:

  • Drive test data,
  • Layer 2/3 analysis,
  • Neighbor-list/frequency planning and parameters tuning,
  • Using daily and BBH KPI analysis,
  • Call detail logs (CDL/PCMD) analysis
  • Capacity, traffic, and handoff reports
  • Reverse link analysis
  • Neighbor list prioritization
  • RF site integration through single cell functionality testing (Shakedown/Sector testing)
  • Cluster drive testing using short and long calls
  • Competitive analysis & benchmarking

RF Optimization

High quality of service in mobile networks is the prerequisite for the commercial success. Continuous optimization is a process, which focuses on checking the network quality continuously and takes actions when needed. It is a more constant way of maintaining good quality in the network, especially when the mobile networks are changing rapidly and more and more customers are being served.

  • Parameter Configuration Check (OMC Audit)
  • Traffic and throughput analysis
  • Parameter planning and optimization
  • Dropped call analysis
  • Handover success analysis
  • Drive test analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Field measurements and acceptance testing
  • Frequency & Strategy Planning
  • Top N Site Targeting

In-building solutions

We are equipped to undertake

  • Planning of RF distribution network
  • Installation Planning and supervision
  • Post installation walk test
  • Recommendation on BSS Parameters

Installation Services

GMS has experienced staff to competently undertake a wide variety of RF communications technology maintenance, construction and installation projects. Areas supported include towers, antennas and transmitters for medium wave, shortwave, FM and TV broadcasting.

We emphasize efficient project planning, monitoring and management. Close adherence to safety regulations, codes, and recognized international standards, while realizing high project performance are core values. Our technicians are OSHA trained and have wide experience in this field.

We are equipped and experienced to work with vendors like ADRF, ADC, ISCO International, LGC and more. We understand there equipments and can perform system integration to existing network.

Operations and Maintenance

  • Network Operations and Maintenance
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Software/Hardware upgrade support
  • PN retuning/Frequency tuning
  • FIT testing
  • Staff augmentation

Web Based Reporting

GMS provides custom web application development. We are focused on building world class web 2.0 solutions using the best that technology has to offer. Custom web applications can help you achieve "exactly" what you need. No off the shelf software can claim to do this. Custom web applications can integrate with legacy systems helping to build synergy between the new and the old. Web applications are inherently maintenance free and extremely scalable. We help you Turn your ideas into reality.

SQL Application

Database is the core element of every business as it provides underlying support to customer service and production operations. Databases are the engines for your strategic decision-making which drive your business. GMS provides custom database reporting solutions, which imports the data from your existing legacy systems and allows you to view your reports in your way.

Custom Application Development

We build the software that suits your specific needs which isn't simply available on the market. When packaged solutions and software aren’t sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, GMS can custom-build to your specifications – efficiently and deliver on its promise of certainty.

Database Drive Website: (Web Development)

GMS provides customized web application development, CMS based website development and E-commerce website development with shopping carts, online product catalogs and other web based custom business applications like B2B and B2C portals. Our team of experienced and dedicated web developers’ deal efficiently with development projects that are based on the latest technologies. Whether you need a simple business website or a complex e-commerce web application, we can provide you with cost effective web solutions.

We follow a strategic approach by using custom made solutions for doing our level best in web application development, website development, website maintenance, portal development, shopping cart development and online shopping development.

GMS Demo: (Web Design-Web Design Services)

Our services include website design, web page design, static website design as well as dynamic website design services. We also offer a wide range of custom web design services with custom web solutions for website redesign, website maintenance; corporate web design, business web design, portal design, web navigation and W3C validated website design by top notch web designers.

The purpose of web design is to facilitate communication between your services and the targeted users. We Design a website in the way the user actually use that yields better result. We help choose theme, design, layout, information and functionality of a website that are focused deliberately on the main page itself.

We, at GMS specialize in providing such exclusive web design services through conceptualization, planning, modeling and executing your ideas in a better way strategically.

GMS Network Managed Services

The Global Mobility Services Managed IT Services program provides affordable proactive IT management and support to growing businesses. A critical component to any organization is its IT environment. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, GMS provides a range of proactive Services to keep your increasingly complex network up and running and assist in reducing IT costs.


Due to technology advances associated with convergence, consolidation and centralization across the ICT stack, networks have become increasingly important and complex. Advanced networking environments are no longer made up of routers, switches and firewalls alone. Newer technologies such as voice and video over IP, WLAN, Server Load Balancing, WAN Optimization, Application based policy control, Secure Remote Access, and Web / Email Security have all become important network elements which govern the businesses ability to operate efficiently and securely. GMS offers a highly experienced and agile network management team with the skills necessary to meet your end users' expectations, enabling you to focus more on your business and keeping your costs down. Typically, challenges include:

  • Greater Complexity: - Disparate network elements from multiple vendors need to be managed, along with secure policies, application performance and service levels.
  • Reliability / Predictability: – Critical business applications and processes are impacted by unpredictable network availability.
  • Cost Management: - Networking and communications costs are a perennial concern for organizations and one of the most important factors in implementing new services.

The Solution

There are many technologies that managed services can be applied to. Below are some of the more common ones:

  • Application Maintenance
  • Back-up
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Help Desk
  • Hosting
  • Database
  • Messaging
  • Monitoring & Simulation
  • Network
  • Security
  • Server/Operating System
  • Storage


  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Consistency
  • Productivity
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Performance
  • Managed Expansion and Growth

Our goal is to serve as your technology partner with a focus on providing solutions. We use a consultative approach to evaluate your business and technology needs and then advise on the best solution for your current and future needs. Global Mobility Services can save your organization time and money through better use of appropriate technologies.

Service and Deliverables to Keep Your System Running Right

The Workstation Managed IT Services program provides the critical tasks to keep your system up and running. Tasks conducted by our Managed Services engineers to enable workstation managed IT services include:

  • Site Assessment - Review system infrastructure and network security policies.
  • Network Consistency – Bring infrastructure and systems to a known state; install applications, patches, or updates required.
  • Site Database - Inventory database containing your system hardware and software.
  • Review Managed Service Activities - Service and support procedures, discretionary on-site time, and the parameters of the service.

On-going Managed Services include:

  • User Account Management
  • Security Patch Management
  • Software License Reporting
  • Client Network Configuration Management
  • 24x7x365 Workstation Monitoring
  • Disk Space, Partition and Usage Management
  • Software Deployment
  • End User Remote Control
  • Management Reporting
  • System Inventory Reporting

On-Site System Administration Service

Most tasks Comprehensive System Administration Services.


  • On-site break/fix maintenance of MAC and Windows OS-based workstations and attached peripherals
  • Knowledge transfer to in-house administrators and end users
  • on-site hardware maintenance
  • Setup and deployment of new systems
  • Assist with the allocation of system resources
  • Assist in hardware failure determination and resolution
  • Assist in hardware maintenance as required; diagnosis and repair of defective hardware by replacing parts; and installation of hardware upgrades and new systems


  • Increase efficiency: respond faster to problems and meet required service levels
  • Increase effectiveness: only used when needed
  • Realize value: reduce your cost of ownership

Why Choose GMS?

The keys to Global Mobility Services success is through effective communication and implementation strategies. The key success factors include:

End to End Integrated Solution Provider

We have designed, implemented and supported telecommunication networks for many of the leading wireless carriers in USA. We strive to constantly provide innovative, leading edge production and system to our clients. Our over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry ensures seamlessness in service and the ability to integrate customized solutions meeting, client meeting, client needs.

Strong service & support capabilities

The skill and depth of knowledge of our team is based on combined decades of experienced professional engineers. We place the correct experienced engineer for the client’s requirements. Our USP lies in timely service and the technicians are available 24x7x365 for any kind of assistance. The skills and intellectual abilities our experienced team has in the field of design and system integration, implementation and execution, lifecycle support, and in the application of new technology are unparalleled.

Strategic partnerships

GMS forms close and mutually beneficial partnerships with the world’s leading technology and service providers to bring its customers the most advanced and flexible technology solutions.This benefits the customer by requiring only one vendor relationship to manage. We have partnered with multiple providers that are recognized as leaders in their respective areas of expertise. This also increases our timely response to client’s requirements, reducing the cost for the client in dealing with different vendors.

Leading the way to future

At GMS, we believe that investment, research and pioneering spirit provide the insight to see over the horizon. In anticipation of the future needs of the market GMS annually invests millions in the research and development process. We have developed an in-house interoperability lab where in our engineers continuously strive to achieve and understand the latest in technology.

CCNA Certification Training

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) certification is the first in Cisco´s line of certifications that an aspiring networking professional must acquire in order to add value to their IT career. CCNA validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size route and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN.

Cisco LogoGlobal Mobility Services is a leading Networking/ Engineering Consulting Company serving clients' needs for the last 10 years in Chicago. We are registered partners with Cisco systems.

The CCNA training at Global Mobility Services is specially designed to help candidates prepare and take the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam and improve marketability in the Industry. Over the past 5 years our trainer’s have successfully trained more than 500 candidates who have cleared their Cisco CCNA Certification in their first attempt.

Cico Certified Logo

Training Details

Online Training

eLearning–Online Training

  • CCNA lab trainer is available for help over the phone as and when needed.
  • Virtual Lab is available for scheduling 2 hours/day, 10hrs/week

Hands-On Classroom Training

Classroom Learning – Schaumburg, Chicago, IL

  • Computer facility, labs ,online library and other resources are available 24x7
  • Hands-on practice labs are available in a realistically simulated learning environment.
  • Labs include Cisco, Juniper, Nexus, Palo Alto and F5 load balancer to name a few.
  • Small batch sizes for effective learning and individual attention.
  • Training is conducted by an experienced CCIE certified instructor who is also working in the field.
  • Exam Practice: Practical lab topologies based on exam pattern will be provided.
  • One full length timed practice test before actual exam will be conducted with each candidate.

Staffing & Recruiting

  • IT and Engineering Staffing:
  • Resume Database:
  • Flexible Engagement Model:
  • Quick Turnover:
  • Save Cost:


INTEGRATING CONTINGENT EMPLOYEES into all levels of workforce through Organization WORLDWIDE

GMS has been serving various companies from small startups to Fortune 500 corporations for over 10 years. GMS maintains database of highly experienced consultants and contractors to fill client’s resource requirement. Our expert recruiters have necessary technical staffing knowledge to judge & locate qualified professional nationwide.

We're committed to the success of both our clients and candidates, and take the necessary steps to ensure that we match the right candidate with the right employer.

Specialized Area

  • Network Engineer
  • Cell Tech Engineer
  • SQL/Java/Mainframe Developer
  • Network Technician
  • RF Engineer
  • Other IT requirements

GMS consultants are all pre-screened individually before submitting to the Clients. All these services are done quickly, efficiently and hassle-free

  • Phone Screening
  • Face to Face interview
  • Virtual Interview
  • Employment Reference Check
  • Consultative Approach
  • Strong database of entry level recent college graduates

Staffing Option

GMS offers flexible staffing options

  • Contract Staffing - Corp To Corp – We provide qualified employees to support short term needs of any projects. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows our clients to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available, while reducing employee-related costs.
  • Contract to Hire Staffing – This option offers our Clients to hire our resources permanently. Client takes ample time to observe candidate’s performance and then determine whether they are right fit for the position. Contract period id predetermined and after that candidate can be hired on a permanent basis.
  • Direct Placement Staffing - With GMS’s professional recruiters having access to range of recruiting resources we ensure to deliver the right candidate while our Clients focus on their business. This option helps provide staffs for project based work

Whether you have an open position or a temporary assignment, call GMS at 847-925-8134 ext.106 Join the thousands of satisfied employers who have put their trust in a staffing firm with more than 10 years in the industry.

Job Seekers:

GMS have assisted thousands of job seekers advance or change careers. Our staffs are trained to help job seekers gain a sense of confidence and a firm plan of action to succeed in today’s employment market.

Upload your resume with a short description of what kind of Job profile you are looking forUpload Resume

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The skill and depth of knowledge of our team is based on combined decades of experienced professional engineers.


we are proud to have a tradition to cater with the changing needs of our valuable clients.


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